Your complete financial picture is what Amplify strives to communicate.

Our values are anchored around communication because it is what our clients need and expect.

Our communication is transparent.

Our communication is timely.

Our communication is designed for the stakeholders.

We communicate with candor. We communicate in a manner that reflects our curiosity & our courage. We collaborate through our communication.




Finance teams that we lead, coach and/or provide are collaborative.

Our finance teams are business partners.

We collaborate within the Amplify team and that increases our quality and expertise.

We collaborate with our clients.

We collaborate with our affiliate and business partners.




Amplify is passionate about growing business.

We love Finance and helping finance teams of all sizes.

We are excited to work with the growth engine of Western Canada: small and medium business.

We want to work with you to understand what you need and challenge you to understand it too.

We are responsive with a healthy sense of urgency and a strong desire to always learn & improve.




The Amplify team is entrepreneurial, and that takes courage.

Amplify clients are growing, and that takes courage.

Our clients are courageous in business partnering with Finance to envisage their complete financial picture and take action with the insight.

Together we have the courage to design automation, processes, controls and a team that is scalable for growth.




Your complete financial picture that is in plain-spoken language and visuals that provide strategic insight.

Open dialogue that is collaborative, communicative, courageous and curious.

Messaging that is clear & direct.

Demeanor that is Kind, honest and professional.