AMPLIFYADVISORS INC. is an entrepreneurial organization that is inspired to work with growing businesses, by helping them envisage their complete financial picture.


AMPLIFYADVISORS INC. is a team of Finance Leaders, Business Advisors & Connectors. We provide Chief Financial Officer (CFO) & controller services.


We have Finance Leaders that can work as part-time, interim, contract or virtual CFO/controllers. Our Business Advisors are passionate about continuous improvement project consulting. We can help any size finance team. We can also assist small/medium business with various advisory work. Our Connectors can assist in the placement of finance and accounting professionals.

AMPLIFYADVISORS INC. provides finance leaders such as contract Chief Financial Officers/Controllers. We coach, lead and/or provide the finance team.


We are passionate about growing companies and love working with small and medium business.


We ensure that the finance team is a BUSINESS PARTNER to their stakeholders and that the financial information is timely, insightful and strategic. We do this by hiring experienced Chartered Professional Accountants with excellent experience and shared values of communication, courage, collaboration, curiosity and candor. We also do this with automation, processes and controls that are affordable and scalable.