Who is your Finance Leader service target client?

The clients who benefit most from our Finance Leader service are small and medium businesses. We help you envisage your complete financial picture, and we take care of finance and accounting so they can grow your business.


What does a Finance Leader do for me? What is their role and responsibilities?

Our Finance Leaders can cover the role and responsibilities of a CFO, a Controller or a CFO/Controller. We provide executive level strategic business partnering to your management team as well as operations, the board and other stakeholders. We oversee the finance and accounting function and ensure that it is operating effectively and efficiently.


Some examples of our areas of oversight and our responsibilities include:


· Book-keeping

· Tax

· Cash-flow management

· Financial reporting – monthly, quarterly, management, stakeholder/board, compliance and other

· Treasury function

· Credit functions

· Fixed asset management

· Budgeting, financial planning and analysis and forecasting

· Financial systems and automation

· Internal controls and risk

· Strategic planning

· Business planning

· Finance projects

· Finance support and involvement in all business projects

· Profit analysis and improvement

· Banking and lending relationships

· Accounts receivable, Accounts payable and all transactional accounting

· Complex and technical accounting

· Integration and merger and acquisition advisory

· Investor relations

· Capital raise

· Investment management

· Project accounting


Do I still need a book-keeper if I hire a Finance Leader through Amplify Advisors Inc.?

All businesses have book-keeping needs. At Amplify Advisors Inc. we will collaborate with your current book-keeping or accounting finance team. We can work with them and coach them to be better business partners. We respect that they got you where you are today, and we want to help you retain good people.


I don’t think I need a Finance Leader but I do want a book keeper. Do you sell just bookkeeping?

At Amplify Advisors Inc. we have connector services where we can refer candidates or service providers for any ask that relates to Finance and Accounting. Our core services do not include bookkeeping unless it is part of our Finance Leader engagements. We can place Financial Leaders alongside other bookkeeping services as we are happy to collaborate to fulfill your financial needs.


I am not very big yet and I don’t think I can afford a Finance Leader. When should I anticipate needing a Finance Leader?

We think all size entities can benefit from a strong Finance Leader and the costs will be recovered through scalable growth and better financial management.


If you plan to grow you will benefit from Finance Leader service. For start-ups we recommend a cost-effective quarterly approach. As you move from a start-up to a small business ($1-5 million in revenue), we recommend you need a monthly approach. For Small and medium businesses ($5-30 million), we recommend part-time contracts for the greatest net benefits. No matter the size of your business, we will scale our service alongside you.


I am a start-up and cash-flow is a concern. Do you accept equity or other payments?

Amplify Advisors Inc. offers creative and customer-centric compensation packages. These include taking a portion of our fees in equity and accepting a portion of our fees in milestone payments (percentages of raised capital, lending arrangements or overall growth). Contact us to learn more about an arrangement that might work for your situation. Some portion of the contract price will need to be paid in cash, however we can work together to make arrangements that suit you, your growth and our business relationship.


Why choose Amplify Advisors Inc. over others for my Finance Leader (CFO/Controller) contract?

Our Finance Leaders are Chartered Professional Accountants with Big Four experience and/or Finance Leadership experience. They have held permanent positions at senior finance levels including CFO, controller, manager, director and senior manager. They know what needs to be done for both high-level and ground-level work, including finance effectiveness, change management, project management and business partnering as well as basic accounting and finance expertise.


What is your Personal Net Worth Financial Reporting Package?

Amplify Advisors Inc. has developed a monthly reporting package that consolidates personal financial information from all financial institutions that you work with in order to help you envisage your complete financial picture.


Who is the client for the Personal Net Worth Financial Reporting Package?

We see a need for entrepreneurs, professionals (such as doctors and lawyers) to have better transparency and understanding of their personal net worth. Our monthly reports are delivered in a visual, easy-to-read and easy-to-use format for your convenience. We also offer quarterly coaching calls.


Who is your Business Advisory service target client?

We can assist any size finance team with any project. Our founders have over 20 years of collective experience in the industry. Our previous clients include large, public, international companies and small start-ups in nearly all industries. Our reviews and projects include detailed recommendations that are prioritized and tangible. They also include a roadmap and timetable that management or finance teams can implement on their own or with our further assistance. Our prior projects include:

· Finance effectiveness review

· Financial close

· Close, consolidate and report

· Financial planning, analysis, budgeting and forecasting

· Procure to Pay

· COSO and internal controls

· Project accounting

· Accrual process

· System selection

· Business case and business plan preparation

· Feasibility assessment

· Workshops for teams, executives, Finance Leaders including executive coaching and business process

· Reconciliation process review and system selection

· Initial Public Offering and other readiness assessments

· IFRS & GAAP transitions

· Accounting policy integration

· Finance team and process integration

· Finance team organizational design


We also can assist in other consulting and advisory areas for small/medium business including workshops, executive planning and team events, board and corporate governance, organizational review and continuous improvement. We will endeavor to advise you for whatever needs arise.


Why choose Amplify Advisors Inc. over others for my advisory or consulting project?

Amplify Advisors has experience in finance effectiveness, change management, project management and business partnering as well as accounting and finance expertise. We are willing to get into the details and be practical and cost-efficient. We don’t just offer a high-level strategic perspective: rather, we get on the ground level and implement the best solution for your needs.


We are not looking to push a transformation project – though if you need that work we are more than happy to connect you to Transformation specialists. We are also not looking to solve every issue or concern that you haven’t considered, or that haven’t happened yet; we are business advisors that partner with you to coach and discuss the art of the possible based on what you need now. We love quick wins, simple and cost-effective improvements that change the day to day experience of your team and allow you to be a growing and partner-gaining business.


What is the Finance Leader service?

We place part-time and contracted Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Controllers as Finance Leaders into companies that are ready for help beyond bookkeeping. Our Finance Leaders work with your current team and coach and lead them to be better business partners. Alternatively, we can take over your full finance function, or collaborate to find the right division of labour. We perform finance and accounting services including year-end, compliance, tax, book-keeping, credit, treasury, cash management, capital management and more for your team.


Our Finance Leaders provide the executive level strategic expertise of a CFO. They build scalable processes with practical automation that allows you to grow in a cost-effective manner. They help you understand your cash needs and your complete financial picture so that you can make the right decisions to grow your organization. They support you in your milestones - raising money, managing your bank and communicating with your board, owners or other stakeholders. A CFO is your right hand, and we provide CFO-level experience part-time and on a contract that fits the size of your small/medium business.


As a small/medium business, you want someone willing to do the work. You want a Finance Leader that is ready to step on at a controller, bookkeeper or any level that is needed to get the job done. You want someone detail-oriented, someone that isn’t afraid to get into those details. We know that you likely started with a bookkeeper and the jump to a true CFO is not practical quite yet. We offer flexible, part-time and contract options that generally cover both the CFO and Controller role. As you grow we can start to help you fill the roles and responsibilities in a scalable and cost-effective way.


Who is your Connector service target client?

Some business are not yet ready for our current suite of services. These companies may want book-keeping services or accounting assistance that Amplify Advisors do not immediately provide. We provide for these clients a means of obtaining the help they need through our business connections.


What is the Connector Service?

At Amplify Advisors we are focused on our Finance leader and business advisory services. We want to work with clients to place our Finance Leaders and to perform projects. Some companies may want an employee rather than an advisor, or want services that we do not immediately offer. To ensure we can help our clients, we offer full-time and part-time, permanent and temporary placements of finance professionals through our various business connections. We work with our partners to ensure that the quality and expertise matches the clients expectations, and on occasion we refer the work to another trusted service provider. We do not specialize in recruiting and head-hunting, but we do have a host of connections that we can refer to you.


Why choose Amplify Advisors Inc. to connect?

The founders of Amplify Advisors Inc. are relationship-centric and have worked with many of the best professionals in the market. We are connected and we can bring that network to you. We do this as a trusted business partner with quality in mind. We want to see you grow and succeed and we will bring you the best for what you need.


Why Choose Amplify Advisors?

At Amplify we believe in a growing market and great client service from others only strengthens the demand and quality of services like ours. It is this collaborative value that prevents us from seeing others as competitors. We prefer to connect our clients so that they can see us as a trusted business advisor who is concerned about quality. Sometimes quality means we business partner with others. Sometimes it means we connect you to others. Most times it means we work together.


We differentiate in the marketplace in many ways. Our values differentiate us. Our team differentiates us. Our experience also differentiates us as we are bringing the best of the big – our founders collectively spent over 20 years in Big Four professional service firms (Deloitte and PwC). Our Finance Leaders are Chartered Professional Accountants with Big Four experience and/or Finance Leadership experience. We are practical in our approach and we hear what you are asking for and achieve results that meet your expectations and needs.