We have a growing team & a newly defined and differentiated approach to delivering to clients while engaging our people.
They say “don’t sweat the small stuff” & “pick your battles” but over time the build up of unnecessary small inefficiency can really drag your team down.

“a good manager only has 2 main priorities: 1. Remove all unnecessary obstacles from your subordinates’ path so that they have a greater chance for success 2. Make available as much support (time, resources, effort) as possible to increase your teams’ chances for success. Every other priority should support these first...

Interesting & timely read Having a business partner doesn’t double our reach and opportunity, it’s exponential. There is growth in challenging someone and setting and meeting expectations. There is growth in building a team with a shared set of values but a different skill set and diverse perspective. Our clients are better served by our collaborative approach. Our team is similarly better supported....
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