It’s been an exciting first year at Amplify Advisors and we’ve built a team we are incredibly inspired by! Jason is the final part of our 2019 build and joins a team that is invested in making an impact.

We are thrilled to bring on some long over-do, non-accounting, business expertise to our team!! Tyler Nicholetts joins Amplify Advisors as our Business Development and Sales Manager.

Do you know who is awesome?

We don’t take the responsibility of building our Amplify team and culture lightly, and we don’t take our dedication to our client experience goals lightly either. It’s our pleasure to announce that Tara Sidhu has joined Amplify as Manager of Accounting Headquarters.

Rob shares Amplify’s values and is going to work primarily as a finance leader taking CFO/Controller roles with small & medium clients.

Welcome Nichole!! The other day Nichole met a friend of mine at an event. The friend she met is one of my oldest, closest friends and is a fellow CPA. She said to me on the way home “Nichole really shares Amplify values. She talks just like you and Jesse.” Well it turns out we agreed and this was confirmation of what was already clear to us! And now with a new month we couldn’t be happier to announce Nichole has joined Amplify Advisors as a permanent employee. We met her through our...

We have a growing team & a newly defined and differentiated approach to delivering to clients while engaging our people.

They say “don’t sweat the small stuff” & “pick your battles” but over time the build up of unnecessary small inefficiency can really drag your team down.

“a good manager only has 2 main priorities: 1. Remove all unnecessary obstacles from your subordinates’ path so that they have a greater chance for success 2. Make available as much support (time, resources, effort) as possible to increase your teams’ chances for success. Every other priority should support these first...

Interesting & timely read Having a business partner doesn’t double our reach and opportunity, it’s exponential. There is growth in challenging someone and setting and meeting expectations. There is growth in building a team with a shared set of values but a different skill set and diverse perspective. Our clients are better served by our collaborative approach. Our team is similarly better supported....

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