We offer three tips to get a better sleep and show up as the leader you are meant to be!

Affordable, scalable and modern business models open up a world of opportunities! Leveraging what you need in a model that is more cost effective and scalable than a full-time employee can be the difference between ramping up and getting back in control and not. As we plan for post-Covid the time is now to reconsider how we did business & how we deployed our resources.

Cash-flow, pivoting, patience, learning, and gratitude! Those of us that make it through this will be stronger than ever.

A blog written on what felt like a dark, dark day. Friday, March 20 (day 4) in what felt like a covid nightmare.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Amplify is trying to focus some of our efforts in a helping manner for small and medium sized business (SME) and for CPA candidates that we have in our network.

There are four types when you assess accountants on routine & continuous improvement. What's your type?

Story-telling is an incredible tool for connection. I’m predicting it will make its comeback this year. It gets the message across. It makes the person or topic relatable. It advances learning.

Learning is becoming a root to job satisfaction. Opportunities with learning and the ability to action on the job are impactful.

I’m predicting that 2020 will be the year that successful organizations & professionals see gratitude as a cultural focus.

The start of a new decade is quite the year to predict for. It is hard to narrow down. This year I’m focusing on these 3...

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