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Are you saving money by not hiring a CFO? A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 5 years qualifications is going to cost you over $100k annually. A CFO/Controller level with over 10 years experience is going to expect over $150k for such a role. The best candidates with true leadership abilities are likely wanting closer to $200k or more. These salaries do not include the book-keeping, tax expertise and other junior level tablestakes that are the necessaries in small and medium business....

When it comes to small and medium business it’s common to avoid investment in finance & accounting. It’s common to stick with the familiar. It’s common to not recognize what business partnering from a finance leader could bring to your journey of growth.

Breaking through the stereotypes is a challenge. What is the difference between a book-keeper, a tax expert & an accountant? And beyond math, nagging & tax, what can a finance leader offer?