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I’m a big fan of hustle! You know, that sense of urgency to get it done?! We have ambitious goals for ourselves and our clients at Amplify Advisors and we understand that growth takes some grinding and some hustle. That’s how we amplify!

It is true for books and it is true for most communication - including financial management reporting. An income statement doesn't cut it for a modern CFO.

Small businesses are focused on getting product or services out and mastering and growing their business. They know they need to consider money – it feeds further investment and is at the core of any for profit business. They quickly recognize they need a tax expert and generally take the time to partner with someone that can help them with that challenge. Before long they know that time is a resource that is more constrained and sensitive than even money so they will find a book-keeper too....

Are you saving money by not hiring a CFO? A Chartered Professional Accountant with over 5 years qualifications is going to cost you over $100k annually. A CFO/Controller level with over 10 years experience is going to expect over $150k for such a role. The best candidates with true leadership abilities are likely wanting closer to $200k or more. These salaries do not include the book-keeping, tax expertise and other junior level tablestakes that are the necessaries in small and medium business....

A fun clip from a favourite show - once again pushing a stereotypical version of accounting. True - reports, crunched numbers, analysis- that is all provided by accountants. What if you could get the “Whisperer” of Donna and the report with the numbers? No one could live up to her character but I think a modern CFO can go beyond what they’ve concluded to farm out in this scene! To discuss & learn how your #financeleader can do more than numbers & also be a strategic...

Learn more about our CFO services & how a Finance Leader can support your B2I strategy.

When it comes to small and medium business it’s common to avoid investment in finance & accounting. It’s common to stick with the familiar. It’s common to not recognize what business partnering from a finance leader could bring to your journey of growth.

It’s all important but effort spent on growth and revenue has an exponential impact when compared to similar levels of efforts on costs.

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