Story-telling is an incredible tool for connection. I’m predicting it will make its comeback this year. It gets the message across. It makes the person or topic relatable. It advances learning.

Learning is becoming a root to job satisfaction. Opportunities with learning and the ability to action on the job are impactful.

I’m predicting that 2020 will be the year that successful organizations & professionals see gratitude as a cultural focus.

The start of a new decade is quite the year to predict for. It is hard to narrow down. This year I’m focusing on these 3...

What’s the difference between an Amplify Finance Leader and a Virtual CFO, a solepreneur or many other FTE CFO/Controllers?

The reality is there are a lot of factors that go into the decision of what type of finance leader you need. To know the best answer for you we would be best to have a consultation but here’s a quick summary.

Nearly nine years of my career also included self-discovery and a long learning curve of what being a working mother meant for me. I clearly recall the light bulb moment when I finally came to peace with who I was as a working mother.

It’s been an exciting first year at Amplify Advisors and we’ve built a team we are incredibly inspired by! Jason is the final part of our 2019 build and joins a team that is invested in making an impact.

We are thrilled to bring on some long over-do, non-accounting, business expertise to our team!! Tyler Nicholetts joins Amplify Advisors as our Business Development and Sales Manager.

It sounds crazy to some and I get it -- why would you leave a job that paid well, had good flexibility, and lots of great friends/co-workers"? Find out why Jesse made this crazy decision one year ago!

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