Summer students are a win-win situation and Jack knows a thing or two about winning!

Over the last 24 months we’ve been building our business. Now we celebrate two years and we have so much to be thankful for and so much more to look forward to! Here’s some lessons, successes, and future thoughts that come to mind as we reflect on these past two years.

Kelly has a diverse business background and has worked with exempt markets, mortgages, business development, energy, project management, grants and other areas. We are thrilled to have her positive attitude & growth mindset on-board.

When the auditors recommend you - it’s a good thing! She brings a strategic perspective and a passion for small and medium business (SME).

Tom has held many CFO & Finance Leader titles in small and medium business, including construction, retail and other industries. He’s also worked in professional services and we see the “muscle memory” of the years he spent in tax and assurance.

We are thrilled that Nina is working part-time with us supporting a key client! We look forward to expanding her reach and capacity as Covid comes to an end and her home-school teacher job retires her.

So many stereo-types to fight. Tax! Book-keeping! Numbers Numbers Numbers We all love lists so we have created a fun one to fight the battle of perception.

Affordable, scalable and modern business models open up a world of opportunities! Leveraging what you need in a model that is more cost effective and scalable than a full-time employee can be the difference between ramping up and getting back in control and not. As we plan for post-Covid the time is now to reconsider how we did business & how we deployed our resources.

Cash-flow, pivoting, patience, learning, and gratitude! Those of us that make it through this will be stronger than ever.

A blog written on what felt like a dark, dark day. Friday, March 20 (day 4) in what felt like a covid nightmare.

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