A strange, but pleasant, surprise as a #startup has been the usefulness and broad applications of Microsoft.
Entrepreneurs are so lucky because they can work from home, they have all this flexibility with their time and can work whenever they want, that they have this perfect work/life balance, and they don’t have to report to anyone.

Amplify has #businessadvisor packages for #startups that are not sure if they are ready to commit to a #financeleader.
With Amplify, you know the flossing will just happen (that’s a huge relief). What makes Amplify the business partner for you, is the feeling and knowledge that we are in it with you, and we are amplifying your growth.

There are many ways to calculate compensation in an organization, but what is always consistent is...people's time costs money. As a CFO, we want to see that time accurately reported, but in reality, financial reporting & models do not properly reflect time.
I’m a big fan of hustle! You know, that sense of urgency to get it done?! We have ambitious goals for ourselves and our clients at Amplify Advisors and we understand that growth takes some grinding and some hustle. That’s how we amplify!

What does curiosity mean as a Finance Leader? Why is it a value at Amplify? We took it to the extreme this week and created a gin! It is way more rewarding to business partner with your operations when you actually understand what they do. Working in a tangible industry like brewing/distilling/hospitality is unique because you can really experience it. Curiosity means learning. It means trying and experiencing. We do it for the fun and the experience but it makes us stronger too. Not every CFO...
We have a growing team & a newly defined and differentiated approach to delivering to clients while engaging our people.

Here's some real examples, from inside Amplify, of what you can do and the value you receive when you have a #financeleader.
Similar to our previous 2019 predictions we see big changes coming! The move towards freelancers, contractors, small boutique firms & outsourcing continues strong. Some of this is driven by technology- what once took an army of people can now be automated. Cloud accounting makes book-keeping a much more efficient service offering. This rings true for a number of professions. Some of this trend is driven by the expectations of people- work/life balance, millennial's, autonomy &...

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