Welcome Tom!

welcome (again) tom!

Tom has been a contractor with Amplify working with one key client and is now moving to an Amplify employee with many key clients! Tom joins us as a Finance Leader after working with us for many months on a systems project and in a general advisory support role.


We are ecstatic to have Tom working with our clients as a Finance Leader & Account Manager!


He will take on Fractional CFO roles along with other Financial Leader and Business Advisor responsibilities.


Tom came to our network as a client when Jesse worked at Deloitte and served Visions Electronics. Tom has held many CFO & Finance Leader titles in small and medium business, including construction, retail and other industries. He’s also worked in professional services and we see the “muscle memory” of the years he spent in tax and assurance.


Tom is working less than full-time (when we can keep the demand for his time in check!) as he has had a diverse career in finance and accounting already. We are humbled to be part of his journey and so proud to share his expertise with our epic team and our clients. He is assigned to three clients already.


Tom likes to take time to travel. He has two stepsons and an amazing wife that is an executive coach. He would like to ideally work 60% with us.


Welcome Tom!

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