Welcome Nina!

A big amplify welcome!




Nina joins us in Accounting Services as an accountant.



Nina came on-board basically the day Covid started and her ability to be nimble as she navigates work from home and a full house and her new role has been amazing!


 Nina’s background is diverse and allows us to work with her to find opportunities in various areas of Amplify and in many types of clients.


She has worked at Big 4 (5). She trained in the UK as an auditor and in corporate finance. She has many years of professional service and it’s evident when she communicates with clients. She worked as a Finance Leader before choosing to pivot towards a focus on her family.


Nina is the mother of three. She was introduced to us through the sport of squash and UK expatriate community.


Her husband works as a coach at the Glencoe Club in Calgary, and they are close to a fellow squash coach & UK original that married a dear friend of Jamie’s.



We are thrilled that Nina is working part-time with us supporting a key client!

We look forward to expanding her reach and capacity as Covid comes to an end and her home-school teacher job retires her.


It has been a short time that we’ve had the honour of working with Nina and already she is amplifying. Feedback has been excellent & the teams are thrilled.


Welcome Nina!!

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