2020 Predictions -- STORY TELLING

 Story-telling is an incredible tool for connection.


I’m predicting it will make its comeback this year.


It gets the message across.


It makes the person or topic relatable.


It advances learning.

The use of story-telling over visuals could be upon us. Jesse and I were discussing mediums the other day and how they are the key to understanding.


A visual person will always struggle if something is said but not read or drawn out.


While an auditory person can read something a number of times and not grasp it until they engage in conversation with others.


We discuss this a lot in our training with our team. Because the matter is more challenging when it’s numbers you are communicating. Many people can’t read or contemplate numbers easily, let alone if it’s in a medium that isn’t aligned with how they learn.


No matter what learning style is preferred, a story needs to go along with it for better understanding.


If you invest in data analysis and you don’t conclude with a story and action points, you won’t have much. A data-driven decision requires a story. A story of what the data says. And a story of what the decision will accomplish.


If you are having conversations without clear stories it’s likely you are not being understood.

There’s a famous saying that says, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~ G.Bernard Shaw


To get around this, I think we can use stories.


The battle though is the social media universe and the limitations they have and how that will impede the art of story-telling.


Better use of stories will become a bigger component of business language that includes writing, video, meetings and other opportunities for communication. We need to balance the attention of our audience with stories that hit the mark.


Analogy is one good example.


I start every presentation with a story. Yet, here I am this far into this blog (and frankly with all four of my prediction articles) and I haven’t told one story yet. I guess I have some work to do on this in 2020!!

 But I predict I will do that work and include more story-telling in my communications, especially written which is where I am lacking story.


And those of us that work on bringing stories back will be heard - louder and clearer than those that don’t see this trend.


Or at least that is my prediction!

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