An Amplified Bad Day

Sometimes it is easier to understand what something isn’t in order to understand what it is.


So let’s talk about what a bad day at Amplify would look like -- a day that describes what Amplify strives NOT to be.


- sitting at a desk, in a bubble, focused on only numbers & spreadsheets

- passive aggression

- fear of conflict

- the feeling of being the smartest one in the room

- the perception that the ball is in someone else’s court

- the need to be right at all costs

- the ego that there is a right way to do it

- decisions based on numbers alone

- a focus on costs & controls without consideration of growth & strategy

- perfectionism

- dismissiveness

- pettiness

- not engaged enough to challenge

- intimidated to speak up

- staying in our lane with a focus on our accounting & finance function

- a decision to do something myself because I can do it faster & better

- 9-5 clock-watching

- no time to connect

- saying no or operating like the financial police

- the desire to avoid people & not be “distracted”

Every one of us has blind spots. Everyone has bad days.


But at Amplify Advisors we strive to provide prosperity to future generations by amplifying growth today.  


We know that’s a lofty mission!







It’s going to take our values to get us there.

Communication & collaboration are the foundation.

Curiosity, courage & candor are the driving differentiators.

If you think we’ve just described a perfectly bad day for you, you might just be a great client or candidate for us.

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