Work & Family

We get asked often about our team & we are always passionate to answer. This discussion & article relates to what we often end up chatting about: The decision of who works in a family and how much is complicated. Each family is different. At Amplify Advisors Inc. we have the privilege of working with team members that work full-time, part-time & contract. We are proud that the work is creative, enjoyable and allows for sufficient discretion & authority. It works great for our clients too. They hire us for short-term projects, placements or contract CFO/Controller. They need executive level help but they don’t need it full-time (yet). They are growing & we amplify their ability to meet their goals while honouring the various work arrangements of our team. We work hard, we provide quality and that’s consistent. Some of us do that 50-60 hours a week, 12 months a year. Some of us do it with less traditional schedules. Regardless we all sacrifice to work so it is important to feel like we are adding value, learning & achieving results. I’m so thankful that our clients let us do that with them. How Our Careers Affect Our Children #worklifebalance #cfoservices #epicteam

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