Reflection on 2018 predictions

It’s come to the time when we look back on our predictions & see how much we got right, how much we got wrong and how we can amplify for 2019.

My 2018 predictions:

Talent: How we plan to retain, engage and develop our people.

Transformation: automation and strategic opportunities

Leases: IFRS 16

At Amplify we work on all 3 & they all have proven relevant but I’d say I only got it 60% right. There’s other trends that have proven more urgent. Trends that take up my client’s time & therefore my focus.

So I will post a bit about each and what I missed and what’s to come. Let me know what you think!
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 Was I right about my predictions for 2018?

What about on Transformation?

I think I got it wrong. Mostly. I reflected on this in a mid-year blog:

I don’t think Transformation is an answer. Amplify, in turn, doesn’t do it. We do automation. We do continuous improvement projects based on your business. We help build finance teams & functions that scale!

We build them with practical processes & controls. Nearly every job we’ve done has had a project component & an opportunity to add value in a way that works but doesn’t necessarily meet the Grand Cadillac scope (or price) of what others tackle.

Let’s chat today about how our
hashtagbusinessadvisors amplify!

My last 2018 prediction was on leases.... I got this mostly right.

Scoping and triage is an area Amplify has helped with. We have
hashtagfinanceleaders that can be placed to assist with accounting memos but we don’t offer a full package like the Big 4 (partner & quality review).  Systems as predicted have been a key part of the lease transition. No system is perfect and it is curious why nothing was developed that can be diverse.  Amplify has hashtagbusinessadvisors that assist!  As predicted this is a pervasive change but compliance can be challenging. 

If you are still in the deep end we can help! Contact us today to find out how!  

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How close was I on my 2018 Talent prediction? I wasn’t wrong but I didn’t see what is now clear.

Contract work is a trend that is here to stay. You can’t have in-house all of the expertise you need for complex business. We help large, public & all size entities by filling the needs when they happen. That is what our hashtagconnector & hashtagbusinessadvisor services are all about. We also commit as hashtagfinanceleaders for a longer term. We provide hashtagcfoservices that are affordable & scalable at an executive business partner level. We built a business on Talent trends but not the ones I wrote about and predicted! I didn’t predict we’d take the leap to amplify either!

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