2019 Prediction: Connections

I’ve written plenty about connection at the intersection of health and longevity, success and happiness and how deep personal relationships are key to all three. Some of you that are new to the concept might ask, what does connection and finance/accounting & business all have to do with each other?


Similarly I once started a role, taking over the accounting department & was told I’d only need to meet and talk to a limited few of the business operators and senior management - NOPE! This can be true for a book-keeper. The best can be virtual and effective with minimal interactions from many in the business. Often the only thing driving the average person to be in touch with that role is expenses or payroll. When your job is recording the historical occurrences of a business the appealing part of the role is the flexible independence it provides. 


But that isn’t the role of a finance leader.


A strong business advisor is a connector. They understand the business and the strategy. They are a business partner that helps the business envisage their complete financial picture. It’s about growth, it’s about the future and it’s about the business, which ends up being about people. 


On the other side it’s the connection that makes us happy, healthy & successful for our clients, but also what makes our roles attractive to the best CPAs. Executive level finance leaders that want the opportunity to work as a CFO/Controller and add value. Professionals that want to be business advisors. 


The best want to show up as connectors & we do. Every time.


All of my 2019 Predictions are in! If you missed it, you can read all about what we see for 2019 here: https://www.amplifyadvisors.ca/2018/12/17/2019-predictions/


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