Walk in your shoes

Benefit of a boomerang


When I boomeranged back to audit after holding an industry job I quickly thought "boy am I a better auditor (than I was)" & that was because I had been in the client's shoes.


When I sat in industry I could plan a year-end audit or a quarter review with efficiency without knowing much about my new role or the company & that was largely because I had done audits from the other side for many years.


When I boomeranged back to professional services (again but not audit) and became an advisor and a consultant I often thought "how do these guys that have never been a buyer sell?" or "how do these people who've never been in a finance department help one with their process, people and technology?" They did it and often well but I always felt if I had not been an accounting manager or a controller I might not have been able to be as effective.


Walking in the shoes of my business advisors, auditors and connectors has made me a harder client at times but it makes me a stronger project manager every time.


Walking in the shoes of my clients as a finance leader makes me a more practical and empathetic service provider. I know where transformation is just $$$ for consultants and not best for business. I know where moving the needle a little can mean big things to a business and a department and to overall project buy-in. I know how people are the most important and the most challenging and time-consuming part of any leaders' day. 


At Amplify Advisors Inc. our epic team is made up of finance leaders, business advisors and connectors who have Big 4 experience, public company experience, small and medium business experience and many other diverse experiences.


And the most exciting chance to walk in your shoes? We have now walked in the shoes of the founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners that we provide CFO/Controller services too. We know what you have gone through as we also experience it, everyday, running and building Amplify.


We love our new shoes and hope to walk right beside you in yours.



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