Simon Sinek posted again about numbers and money. Happy people make happy numbers I think he said. He discusses it often. “Managers work to see numbers grow. Leaders work to see people grow.” He discusses organizations who see growth through numbers versus impact.




Great conversation for sure. I saw a post that said “We need more finance professionals that understand that numbers are not everything but it’s when combined with business insights that they become powerful”




I had a client once that said their fear of hiring a finance leader and building a stronger finance function was we would end up running the business off a spreadsheet & lose focus on the customer experience and the on the long-term impacts. I had another that was content with a weak CFO because they kept to themselves and did what was asked.




The stereotypes & fears are rooted in the real. I often run into accountants that stress over costs and think they understand the business best when they have done little beyond financial analysis & models. I have seen others aggressively destroy culture & engagement by hammering on costs and defeating the business people around them.




A business partner who is excited about growth - growth that shows up as “impact” or “customer experience” or otherwise defined and consequently shows up on the numbers is hard to find. One that focuses on growth through revenue but can offer powerful insight and education through numbers is exceptional. One that brings forward consideration of risk and cost in a balanced way that still allows the business to grow through impact, client experience, revenue or whichever metric matters is a true business partner.




Amplify Advisors works to build a team that loves this discussion & strives to crush stereotypes & exceed expectations. #financeleaders #cfoservices #smallbusiness #beyond123


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