Strive towards simple. Strive towards conscise.

Love this quote and it goes far beyond books.


Management reporting is similar - the dashboard that the management, executives, operations and board sees needs to be concise and visual. If everything is important, nothing becomes a priority. We need to prioritize what key performance indicators are aligned with our long-term strategy and we need to focus in.

Bottom line up front.

Details can be included (on subsequent pages). These details are provided so that the “blue” analytical, detail-oriented person can go deep but the initial messaging has to be direct and high-level. The concise report upfront allows the “yellow” visionary, big-picture person to stop when they see the direction and the insight presented. An income statement is not a strong management report and most business professionals are not getting what they need if that’s what their finance and accounting relies on sending out.


But like writing a long letter instead of taking the time for a short one - it’s not always easy.


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